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Parts available for most makes and models of vehicles.  Tires, Wheels, Hubcaps, Hood Ornaments, Bells, Bumpers, Steering Wheels, Headlights, Windshields, Pedals and etc.  Catalog $6.00 each

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Seat and back to make a Pontiac station wagon or a fire truck into a Coupe  $125.00 each

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American National toys fit large trucks from 1920's 1930's  toys $20.00 ea.  buy 100 or more  $15.00 ea.  Buddy L. Jr. tires fits trucks from 1930's   $20.00 ea. buy 100 or more $15.00 ea 1934 - 1938 Buddy L. International Tire & Wheel  $25.00 ea.   buy 100 or more  $20.00 ea.
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Buddy L 5inch tire fits1930's open door dual wheel trucks $25.00 ea.  buy 100 or more $20.00 ea  Keystone trucks from the 1920's - 1930's  $20.00 ea. buy 100 or more $15.00 ea Sturditoy tires for 1920's to 1930's toys. $20.00 ea.  buy 100 or more $15.00 ea

You can mix and match any 100 tires to get wholesale pricing.

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